Media Kit

Media Kit

Contact Info  
Trista Anderson

Social Media
Twitter​ Followers ­- 140
Facebook​ Followers - 59
Google +​ Followers - 723 (linked with sister blog Andersons Angels)
Pinterest​ Followers - 7
Instagram​ Followers ­- 10

Most readers of the Snowbirds 2 Seashores are middle class, college educated women between the ages of 20-50 from all over the USA. Most of my fans are Moms and Grandmothers. The Snowbirds 2 Seashores followers are mostly concentrated in the United States and Canada, with a few International followers mix in there too.
Advertising Packages  
Would you like to advertise or host a giveaway on Snowbirds 2 Seashores?

 Add Ons
Text Links/Ads (125x125) in sidebar are $100/year, $75 for 6 months or $50 for 3 months, or $25.00  monthly
Facebook Status and Twitter Tags are $15.00 each for each status update.

Advertising Options & Rates​ ​ * 200-­300 words with one image
Post written about your company featuring one link ­ $30
Post written about your company featuring two links ­ $50
Post written by your company featuring original content and one link ­ $25
Post written by your company featuring original content and two links ­ $75

Ad Pricing
Payments can be made via Paypal (preferred) or checks made out to Trista Anderson.  I do ask that you cover all Paypal fees. (Paypal email ­
Discounts: Discounts are negotiable when paid in advance.  

Ad Policy 
Snowbirds 2 Seashores reserves the right to refuse any ad based on content of the ad or the products or the site being promoted. There are no refunds on ads. Once the contract term is up, prices and ads can be renegotiated and reevaluated.

Review or Giveaway Policy 
Product Reviews will be done only if a full sized product ($15 ARV or more) is provided. An honest opinion cannot be given without a full sized sample.
Review items ​will not be returned or used as a Giveaway. Review items are my payment for advertising for your company.
Review items shall be full size, and brand new in unopened packaging.
When doing product reviews, we will give our honest feedback­ negative or positive. If our opinions are negative, we will consult with you before posting the review.
When sponsoring a giveaway, you agree to pay for the shipping of the products.
When a winner is picked for a giveaway, you agree to provide the winner their prize in a timely manner.

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