Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Mommy Hook Review

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One thing that I have never been a fan of is putting bags under my strollers because it just makes them very difficult to when you need to get things out. If our walking around and decide that you need something out of your purse or diaper bag it becomes the feeling game to find what it is your in need of. I am not a fan of the feeling game at all which I am sure most people are not. With that said i'd like to introduce you to the The Mommy Hook Stroller Accessory.

I was ecstatic when The Mommy Hook agreed to work with me because I knew it could help make life a little easier for me. With having 5 kids I need anything I can get that will make life a bit easier! Since I do have 5 kids I typically have at least 2-3 bags with me at all times and trying to fit them all under my stroller doesn't work well. We decided take The Mommy Hook along with us on a trip to our local zoo.

Typically when we go to the zoo we pack a picnic lunch to eat while we are there. This adds to the number of bags we have with us. I put our diaper bag under the stroller and used The Mommy Hook to hold my purse and the bag holding our picnic stuff. I loved how convenient The Mommy Hook made it to get to the most needed items in our bags. I never had to play the feeling game to find the kids snacks or to get something out of my purse. It also made it super easy for me to keep a eye on my purse at all times.

 The Mommy Hook is a very useful tool for any busy mom on the go. It helps make life so much easier and more manageable in so many ways. There are so many ways that you can use The Mommy Hook like on a stroller, to carry multiple bags and on a shopping cart. The Mommy Hook is very lightweight and versatile and fits on most stroller handles. It is made from heavy duty aluminum so it won't break easily and the rubber grip helps keep sit from sliding around. I do have to say that you do need to watch how much weight you have it holding on a stroller because you don't want it to tip the stroller over.

The Mommy Hook would make a great baby shower gift because it's one of those items that a new mom won't realize she would need!

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