Thursday, June 8, 2017

Open A World of Beauty

Recently I got the great opportunity to work with Amy from Amy's Pearls during the Mum's The Best Giveaway Hop. I am not a big jewelry person but have quickly fallen in love with the Pearl Party idea. I have another friend who introduced me to the whole concept and I find it very neat and exciting. I have to admit that I have even thought  about trying my hand at the business but I think i'll let my friends keep doing it for now. 

What is a Pearl Party you ask? Well a Pearl Party can be done a couple different ways.
1: In home like the other parties you may be used to.
2. Through a Facebook Live Event 
3. You order the Oyster and open it yourself at home.

But in the end you will end up with a beautiful pearl that you can place in the pendant of your choice. Amy's Pearls offers a wide variety of pendants to choose from and each one comes with a oyster to be opened. If you are lucky your oyster maybe hiding twins inside. I have not found one with twins yet but have seen many find them.

The Pearls you can find range in a variety of colors such as white, pink, black, purple, blue and more. I personally have white, pink and black pearls. These make wonderful gifts as well for the special lady or girl in your life. I have gotten my daughter and mother in law pearl necklaces and they love them. If you haven't checked out Amy's Pearls yet what are you waiting for?? 

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