Thursday, March 9, 2017

Add Some Flair To Your Hair

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, you'll be helping to feed the children here at Snowbirds 2 Seashores.

Do your kids love doing fun and funky stuff with their hair? I know my kids and especially on spirit days at school. I was always afraid of using hair color even temporary on their hair because I was afraid that it may not wash out. Yes I know that it not washing out is a long shot but still that thought was always in the back of my mind. Also my oldest has super dark hair like his dad and I and the others have lighter hair so I never knew what would work for all of them. 

I received three bottles of Zach's Wax to do a review with. I received the red, white and blue which is great since my kids school colors are red and white/gray. My oldest daughter was recently in a school play as a snowflake so we tried using the white hair color in her hair. We discovered that Zach's wax is easy to use but for the color to show up well in her hair we would need a brighter color. 

Each of the Zach's Wax colors come with a application brush and a pair of gloves to keep the hair color off your hands. The color washes out easily and does not leave any tinting behind which puts this mamas mind at ease. They offer 9 standard colors and all are water based so they easily wash out with shampoo. 

Zach's Wax is a family owned business that is on a mission to make dreams come true! They are accomplishing this through a network of charity organizations that they raise funds for. 

Pink - Breast Cancer
White - Children's Autism
Yellow - ALS
Black - Wounded Warrior
Green - Children's Hospitals
Blue - Granting Children's Dreams
Purple - Children's Hunger fund
Red - Special Olymics
Orange - Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer
Baby Blue - Victory Junction
Neon Green - Missing Grace
Zach's Premium - Mozambique Hospital

If you are looking for some fun and temporary hair color then I would HIGHLY Recommend getting some Zach's Wax!

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